Scotland Moves Toward Becoming First Nation To Make Menstrual Products Free For All Women

CBS: The Scottish parliament approved plans to make period products free for all women
“Scottish Parliament has approved stage one of a plan to make all period products free in Scotland. On Tuesday, all parties backed the Period Products (Free Provision) Scotland Bill, which was introduced by representative Monica Lennon…” (O’Kane, 2/26).

Washington Post: Scotland moves to become first nation to make pads and tampons free
“…Internationally, lawmakers and activists have expressed anger at policies that force women to pay comparatively high taxes for necessities that do not always go acknowledged as such. … The E.U. has pledged to remove all sales tax requirements on period products beginning in 2022. It will then be up to individual member countries to determine how much to tax pads and tampons” (Berger, 2/26).

Additional coverage of the plan is available from BBC, DW, The Hill, and Vox.