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News Media Examine Efforts To Improve Access To Sanitary Products, Achieve ‘Menstrual Equity’

BBC News: India scraps tampon tax after campaign
“India has scrapped its 12 percent tax on all sanitary products following months of campaigning by activists. The announcement comes a year after the government introduced the tax, known as GST, on all goods — including the 12 percent duty on menstrual hygiene products…” (7/21).

Devex: Menstrual health, while excluded from SDGs, gains spotlight at U.N. political forum
“Aid and development responses to menstrual health management focus too much on supplying sanitary products, and not enough on addressing the underlying challenges of education and stigma, some development and human rights experts say. A high-level political forum at the United Nations last week showcased 46 countries’ progress and shortcomings on reaching several Sustainable Development Goals, with the release of voluntary national reviews by governments including Canada, Vietnam, and Egypt. Menstrual health management itself is not part of the SDGs, but the two-week event placed a rare spotlight on the issue, which is a crosscutting sanitation, education, and human rights challenge…” (Lieberman, 7/23).

New York Times: It’s Not Just the Tampon Tax: Why Periods Are Political
“… ‘Menstrual equity’ refers to equal access to hygiene products, but also to education about reproductive health. And it’s the focus of a variety of new laws and policies to provide menstrual products in prisons, shelters, schools, and even on Capitol Hill. Advocates are also urging states to exempt menstrual hygiene products from sales tax, arguing that they’re a necessity. … Here’s an overview of the [global] issues that women’s health advocates are talking about…” (Zraick, 7/22).