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Scientists Successfully Use Genetically Modified Mosquitoes To Suppress Unmodified, Lab-Contained Population

NPR: Mosquitoes Genetically Modified To Crash Species That Spreads Malaria
“For the first time, scientists have demonstrated that a controversial new kind of genetic engineering can rapidly spread a self-destructive genetic modification through a complex species. … After mosquitoes carrying the mutation were released into cages filled with unmodified mosquitoes in a high-security basement laboratory in London, virtually all of the insects were wiped out, according to a report in Nature Biotechnology. The mosquitoes were created in the hopes of using them as a potent new weapon in the long, frustrating fight against malaria…” (Stein, 9/24).

Additional coverage of this study is available from AFP/France 24, The Atlantic, New York Times, Reuters, United Press International, and WIRED.