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‘Science Speaks’ Continues Coverage Of Presentations, Sessions Held At AIDS 2016 Conference

Center for Global Health Policy’s “Science Speaks”: AIDS 2016: Partners project demonstrates preventive power of antiretroviral treatment
Reporting on the AIDS 2016 conference in Durban, Antigone Barton, senior editor and writer of “Science Speaks,” discusses results from the Partners Demonstration Project, which “showed access to immediate HIV treatment for a person living with HIV, along with access to immediate prophylactic antiretroviral medicine for the person’s uninfected partner nearly eliminates risk of HIV transmission between partners” (7/26).

Center for Global Health Policy’s “Science Speaks”: AIDS 2016: While drop in medical circumcisions raises concerns, study shows impacts of targeted approaches for the HIV prevention measure
Barton summarizes a session at the conference that focused on voluntary medical male circumcision and “highlighted modeling exercises … to identify age groups and geographic locations that could be reached respectively with the most immediate, efficient, and cost-effective benefits” (7/26).