Sanctions, Diplomatic Pressure Should Be Applied To North Korea As Potential Threat Of Biological Weapons Looms

Washington Post: There’s a deadly new threat from North Korea
Editorial Board

“…Now comes news that [North Korean leader Kim Jong Un] is collecting the capabilities and know-how for biological weapons that could be used for germ warfare. The Post’s Joby Warrick reports that North Korea has been acquiring the essential machinery and seeking the know-how to produce large amounts of germ-warfare agents rather quickly. … If dispersed in the air for an attack, germs can shift with winds and weather, endangering troops and civilians, friend and foe alike. … If Mr. Kim is creating the foundations for a biological weapons program, it should serve as one more warning of the escalating threat he poses. Preemptive war could risk millions of casualties. But his malign intent cannot be tolerated forever. Through sanctions, diplomatic pressure, and other means, the burden of Mr. Kim’s despotic and reckless reign must be brought to an end” (12/12).