Republicans, Democrats Should Work Together To Support, Invest In NIH

The Hill: We must work across party lines to restore investment in NIH
Reps. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) and Scott Peters (D-Calif.)

“…If we want common sense budgeting that reins in long-term health care costs and balances the federal budget, then we need to invest in NIH research to cure disease. … NIH research will be a crucial tool to protect our national security. … Research is not a one-time investment. Scientific discoveries are built on years of investigation, investment, and effort. The Tuesday Group and the New Democrat Coalition have been proud to support recent renewed NIH investments by the House Appropriations Committee and the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and we need to continue these common sense, forward-looking policies. We are committed to putting problem solving above partisanship. That’s why Republicans and Democrats are reaching across the aisle to support restoring our nation’s investment in NIH research to cure disease, create jobs, and protect our national security” (9/25).