Report Examines Effectiveness Of Australian Aid To Help Prevent Pandemics, EIDs In Asia, Pacific

DevPolicy Blog: Evaluating a decade of Australia’s efforts to combat pandemics in Asia and the Pacific: are health systems stronger?
Gill Schierhout, evaluation team leader and a senior research fellow at the Kirby Institute, UNSW; Laurence Gleeson, an animal health specialist; Adam Craig, a public health specialist and epidemiologist; and Irene Wettenhall, evaluation manager and team member from the Office of Development Effectiveness, discuss findings from a Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) “evaluation of Australia’s assistance to combat pandemics and emerging infectious diseases (EIDs) in Asia and the Pacific from 2006 to 2015. … We found that in human health, Australia’s investments have contributed to substantial improvements in surveillance and in the availability, timeliness, and sharing of EID data across the region…” (9/27).