Reductions In U.S. Global Health Funding Could Negatively Impact Millions Of People Worldwide, CGD Expert Says

Center for Global Development’s “Global Health Policy Blog”: What Happens without U.S. in Global Health?
Amanda Glassman, chief operating officer and senior fellow at CGD, asks, “[W]hat would happen if the rumored steep cuts to foreign aid are applied to USG global health spending…? Though the U.S. contribution to global health is small in absolute terms, it has an outsize influence on peoples’ lives. … If cuts must happen, time must be allowed to construct a response that will minimize harm and suffering. Hopefully, Congress holds the line on applying across-the-board cuts and instead takes a moment to reassess where we are in the global health response, and how we can deploy our very limited funding to improve health and assure alignment with U.S. interests” (3/3).