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Public-Private Partnerships Can Successfully Address Neglected Diseases

“In my experience, public-private partnerships that bring together the best talents, expertise, and resources from the government, non-profit and business sectors have proven essential for tackling the most complex challenges in global health and international development,” David Addiss, director of Children Without Worms, a partnership of Johnson & Johnson and the Task Force for Global Health, writes in the Huffington Post’s “Global Motherhood” blog. Noting “the most entrenched — and most neglected — problems in global health are infections with intestinal worms,” he states, “Given the magnitude of this neglected problem, meeting the challenge will take the collaboration of partners with a range of expertise and a shared vision of long-term success. Together these partners can effect a transformation that results in a brighter future for all the affected children.”

Addiss discusses a “comprehensive approach” to addressing worms, including product donations, drug treatment, improved water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), “health and hygiene education, vitamin A and nutritional supplementation, [and] maternal and child health and community-based programs.” He describes several programs and partnerships working to prevent intestinal worm infections, and he writes, “As momentum grows, the challenges of nurturing, coordinating, and sustaining this multifaceted partnership will also increase. Success will depend on visionary leadership, receptivity to collaborative and innovative relationships, and the resolute commitment of all partners” (9/6).