Development Of New TB Drug Shows Role Of Public-Private Partnerships In Addressing Global Health Challenges

The Hill: It’s time to celebrate this great advance made in tuberculosis treatment
Herman O. Sintim, drug discovery professor of chemistry, and Richard J. Kuhn, Trent and Judith Anderson distinguished professor of science, both at Purdue University

“On Aug. 14, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a new drug, pretomanid, to fight tuberculosis (TB). Pretomanid was developed by the Global Alliance for TB Drug Development (TB Alliance), a non-profit organization dedicated to developing and delivering new tuberculosis drugs. … Despite [some concerns over the development of drug resistance and treatment side effects], it is time to celebrate this great advance made in TB treatment. Another reason to celebrate is that TB Alliance supported the entire arduous process of pretomanid development through FDA approval and established a new paradigm for a successful public-private partnership for delivering new therapeutics against dangerous human pathogens. It highlights the power of cooperation and collaboration to tackle long-standing global problems” (9/13).