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Public Health Experts Make Case For Why U.S. Should Spend On Global Health

Health Affairs Blog: Why President Trump Should Use Foreign Aid For Health To Make America Great
Robert Hecht, president of Pharos Global Health Advisors, and Sten Vermund, the Anna Lauder professor of public health and dean of the Yale School of Public Health, write, “Investing in global health is essential to the safety, security, and future prosperity of the United States, in addition to being a highly effective way to fight extreme poverty and avert illness, suffering, and premature death for millions of our fellow human beings. … In addition to the humanitarian case for foreign aid, there are three very powerful reasons, which are aligned with President Donald Trump’s populist ‘America first’ vision, why the administration should maintain and even spend more on global health. 1. Deadly Epidemics Threaten U.S. Lives And Prosperity … 2. Foreign Aid For Health Yields Huge Returns For The United States … 3. Foreign Aid For Health Strengthens U.S. Leadership On The Global Stage And Counters Our Rivals…” (4/17).