PSI President/CEO Outlines Key Global Health Issues For 2019

Devex: Opinion: What we’ll be celebrating — and mourning — this time next year
Karl Hofmann, president and CEO of Population Services International

“…Fast forward with me to my 2019 ‘look back’ at what we will be rightly celebrating as global health successes and recognizing as global health challenges. … The Trump administration’s continued efforts to reduce and restrict the United States’ role in global development — and particularly reproductive health — will have been stymied, again, by the U.S. Congress. But new champions will have emerged to defend global health progress as the U.S. continued to struggle to define a coherent stance. … The U.S. Agency for International Development’s Journey to Self-Reliance strategy will have had its first full year of operation in 2019. … Health security will demand our attention over and over again. … Women Deliver 2019 will have gathered the largest-ever collection of global champions for the power of women in health, industry, business, politics, education, security, and just about every field of endeavor tied to the Sustainable Development Goals. … Will we look back at 2019 with satisfaction that our reasons for cheer outpace our reasons for tears? My bet is yes” (1/16).