Proposed Cuts To U.S. Foreign Assistance For Global Health Requires Other Nations, NGOs, Private Sector To Take ‘Leadership In International Aid’

PLOS Blogs’ “Your Say”: Trump wants deep cuts to international aid: the uncalculated costs of global health insecurity
Ana Rita Sequeira, lecturer and researcher at Murdoch University, discusses the potential implications of proposed cuts in the U.S. foreign aid budget for global health, writing, “If approved by the Congress, [President] Trump’s first budget proposal is a game-changer by lowering the global response to finance basic health care in the developing world, and reducing the global disease surveillance systems. These new changes demand a new architecture and leadership in international aid, whether that calls for an action from a block of countries (leading E.U. countries and South-South Cooperation), to charities and foundations like Bill &¬†Melinda Gates, or public and private partnership, or all together” (4/12).