Progress Toward HIV Cure Being Made

The Lancet: Towards a cure for HIV — are we making progress?
Sharon Lewin, professor in the department of infectious diseases at Alfred Health and Monash University and co-head at the Centre for Biomedical Research at the Burnet Institute; Steven Deeks, professor in the department of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco; and Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, head of Inserm and Unit of Regulation of Retroviral Infections at Institut Pasteur

“Until recently, no one dared to discuss a cure when it came to HIV. There had been a general consensus among experts that the best we would ever achieve would be durable control of the infection with antiretroviral therapy (ART). And, in this regard, we have been tremendously successful. … When HIV was discovered 31 years ago we could never have imagined the great successes possible with ART. The scientific and operational challenges were immense but innovation, investment, and collaboration delivered. Let us hope we can achieve the same success in the coming decades in the search for that elusive cure for HIV” (7/19).