Lessons From Global HIV Response Can Help Guide Future Efforts Toward Strengthening Primary Health Care

Devex: Opinion: 4 lessons for primary health care from the global response to HIV
Beth Tritter, executive director for the Primary Health Care Performance Initiative, and Jeffrey Markuns, deputy director of the Primary Health Care Performance Initiative and executive director of the Boston University Family Medicine Global Health Collaborative

“…There is no more powerful, foundational step toward universal health care than strengthening primary health care … Reflecting on the decades of successes and setbacks in the global HIV response, we see four key lessons from the new Lancet-[International AIDS Society] Commission report to guide future efforts toward strengthening primary health care and achieving health for all. 1. Integrating health services saves lives and money … 2. People should always be at the center … 3. Low-income doesn’t have to mean low-impact … 4. More and better data makes a difference…” (8/17).