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Progress Against Diseases In Africa Must Continue

“One of the leading impediments to freedom and prosperity in Africa has been disease, particularly HIV, tuberculosis and malaria,” a Deseret News editorial states. “The good news is that the world now has th[ese] and other diseases on the run,” the newspaper continues. “Political turmoil, poor education and improper sanitation practices have long been impediments to the fight against diseases in Africa,” the editorial notes, adding, “Some of these problems remain, but the progress against disease in recent years has been remarkable and must be continued.” The newspaper adds, “Americans should remember that extreme poverty and its attendant problems seldom are isolated and contained, no matter how far from home they exist,” concluding, “By eradicating diseases and helping to educate people, the United States can build goodwill and influence the spread of liberty and the development of new trading partners” (10/27).