Production, Fair Pricing Of Medicines Critical To Achieving Universal Access To Quality Health Services

Huffington Post: A Comprehensive And Fair Solution To The Price Of Medicines
Marie-Paule Kieny, assistant director general at the WHO

“…[T]he price-setting mechanisms for commodities that are inextricably linked to people’s health and survival must be made more transparent so that we can, as a global community, devise effective solutions. To that end, the World Health Organization is planning to … develop a fair pricing model that can affordably deliver the medicines needed by patients while keeping companies interested in developing new and better treatments and producing generic treatments. … [B]y 2030, the deadline for the Sustainable Development Goals, all countries must be able to provide full coverage for quality health services to their entire populations. The only way we can reach that objective is to enter a social contract between the public and private spheres so that innovation and generic production can respond effectively to global public health needs — both in the quality and effectiveness of the treatments, their availability, and their affordability” (6/28).