Private Financial Backing, Strong Coordination Can Help Eliminate NTDs

The Guardian: Pills, philanthropy, and parasitic worms
Ellen Agler, chief executive, and Warren Lancaster, senior vice president of program, both at the End Fund

“…The global movement to end NTDs has seen significant momentum in recent years. One of the most promising aspects of this is that new partners have joined the efforts, including private philanthropists who may never have even heard of these diseases a few years ago. … In the four years of [a privately funded] program, Burundi reached 90 percent of school children at risk of schistosomiasis through eight rounds of MDA. At the end of the program in 2011, national prevalence of schistosomiasis had been reduced from 12 percent to 1.4 percent. … With continued coordination, shared learning, and dedication, there is a strong chance we can realize the goals of the WHO Roadmap to eliminate NTDs” (12/16).