President-Elect Trump’s ‘America First’ Approach Does Not Have To Hurt Foreign Policy, Aid

Devex: Opinion: Foreign aid under Trump’s ‘America-first’ doctrine
Alex Thier, incoming executive director of the Overseas Development Institute

“While policy details are thin, President-elect Donald Trump’s likely views on foreign aid and development assistance can be summed up in two words: America first. … It is conceivable with a Trump presidency and Republican-controlled Congress that U.S. foreign aid spending and policy will take a major hit. At its most extreme, this could mean the abolishment of the U.S. Agency for International Development, or its absorption into the Department of State, a recurrent conservative proposal. … This, however, would be a misguided approach. U.S. foreign aid is much more effective, and efficient, when USAID is strong. … The big losers will likely be investments in multilateral institutions; democracy, rights and governance; women and girls; and climate. … Putting America first does not need to be at odds with good development policy. … In the broader scheme of things, ending extreme poverty is great for America and a sound investment in our security and economic future. We can only hope the new administration realizes this sooner rather than later” (11/11).