President, Congress Must Commit To Scaling Up Efforts To End AIDS By 2030

The Hill: AIDS champions must step up efforts to end epidemic
Alison Case, education and advocacy fellow with the American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

“…While we’ve had many victories in the fight to end the [HIV/AIDS] epidemic … and certainly made great strides since 1999, we have a long way to go to beat the epidemic once and for all … These are exciting times that call for celebration but also for leadership from our president and from Congress to support robust funding for life-saving HIV/AIDS programs in order to achieve a five-year scale-up phase that will see the end of AIDS by 2030. … This year, 2016, … [i]t will no longer be enough to sing the praises of a program, to restore cuts, and certainly it will be unacceptable to MAKE cuts, as the president has done continuously. We need to get on the offensive to make the final push. … [W]e can commit to scaling up over the next five years to end the epidemic of our generation, to making AIDS as we know it a thing of the past. … But we need to see real commitments this year from the president and Congress to get there” (1/12).