Political Will Needed To Head Off Looming TB-Diabetes Co-Epidemic

The Hill: We must prevent the looming epidemic of TB-diabetes
Anthony Harries, senior adviser and director of the Department of Research at the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease

“Hall of Fame hockey player Wayne Gretzky had a famously successful strategy: don’t skate to the puck, skate to where the puck is heading. Public health officials should take a page from The Great One’s book when it comes to a looming co-epidemic of tuberculosis and diabetes. If we don’t anticipate the challenges — and head them off right now — millions of people are going to lose big time. … [L]ike all carefully conceived public health solutions, we need political will to mobilize action — and in most places we’re simply not seeing it, at least not nearly fast enough given the enormity of the problem lying just ahead. … When it comes to addressing TB-diabetes, we know exactly where the puck is going. If we fail to get out in front of it now, millions of people will face the deadly consequences of an entirely preventable epidemic” (9/5).