Political, Financial Commitments To Food Security Can Reduce Global Hunger

MSNBC: Achieving universal food security is within our grasp
Hugh Evans, CEO of the Global Poverty Project

“…Critically, G7 leaders should renew or increase their pledges to the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program to help ensure agricultural productivity remains up to four times more effective at reducing poverty than growth in any other sector. In the United States, the Global Food Security Act would strengthen and codify Feed the Future, which, in 2013 alone, improved the nutrition of 12.5 million children and assisted seven million farmers and producers in improving their use of technology and land management practices. On World Hunger Day, we are reminded that 75 percent of the world’s poor live in rural areas, and that a dynamic approach to food security is needed that boosts agricultural productivity and provides nutrient-rich food. Evidence shows that with the requisite political and financial commitments accelerated, substantial and sustainable hunger reduction is possible…” (5/29).