PLOS Medicine Articles Address Polio Eradication Programs In Endemic Countries

“In this week’s PLOS Medicine, two independently written articles call for a shift away from the leader-centric approach that polio eradication campaigns are currently pursuing in the three countries (Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan) where the disease remains endemic,” a PLOS press release states. “In a policy forum article, authors from Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan led by Seye Abimbola from the National Primary Health Care Development Agency, Nigeria, argue that the global health community and governments involved in polio eradication efforts need to build trust and prioritize polio eradication as part of routine health services in order to address the problem of polio,” the press release notes. “In an independently written essay, Svea Closser and Rashid Jooma from Middlebury College, United States, and Aga Khan University, Pakistan, highlight the importance of Lady Health Workers in Pakistan who are crucial for the country’s polio eradication efforts,” the press release adds (10/8).