Pharma Industry Must Focus On Dengue, Other Diseases Of Poverty That Threaten Global Population

New York Times: The Dengue Fever Scourge
Editorial Board

“While the world’s attention has been focused on Ebola, dengue hemorrhagic fever, an incurable viral disease, has become a pandemic, sickening up to 100 million people a year and killing more than 22,000. … A vaccine to protect against dengue is set to become available next year, with more in the pipeline. … There are potentially big profits to be made from a dengue vaccine in the fast-growing economies of Asia and Latin America. … Meanwhile, governments and community health workers must continue efforts to educate people about precautions to take against dengue-infected mosquitoes, like eliminating standing water and improving sanitation in crowded urban centers. In our interconnected and warming world, the pharmaceutical industry will have to focus more effort on diseases that initially affect the poor but then threaten the entire population” (11/14).