PEPFAR’s Commitment To Orphans, Vulnerable Children Must Continue

“Despite the daunting numbers of children affected by AIDS, global resources for such programs are declining,” Rachel Yates, a senior adviser for UNICEF’s Children Affected by AIDS, writes in the Huffington Post’s “Impact” blog. “Thankfully, the recent PEPFAR Blueprint and PEPFAR Guidance on Orphans and Vulnerable Children [OVC] which is closely aligned with the broader USG Children in Adversity Strategy shows continued commitment to tackle the most pressing needs of children affected by AIDS,” she continues, adding, “It is imperative that [PEPFAR’s] commitment to OVC remains to address the unfinished agenda of children affected by HIV.” She continues, “The considerable funding provided for the protection, care and support of children affected by HIV, along with the policy shifts we have seen from PEPFAR over the last few years should be loudly applauded.” Yates concludes, “I very much hope that both the U.S. public, whose tax dollars have funded these efforts, and budget holders within the U.S. government, also recognize this impressive contribution in the challenging, fiscally constrained, years ahead” (6/16).