PEPFAR Serves As Example Of Well-Executed Bipartisan Global Health Initiative

Huffington Post: The Benefits of Bipartisanship
Deborah L. Birx, ambassador-at-large and coordinator of U.S. government activities to combat HIV/AIDS

“…Last Friday, former U.S. Senators Tom Daschle and Bill Frist launched a landmark [Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC)] report entitled: ‘The Case for Strategic Health Diplomacy: A Study of PEPFAR.’ In it, they argue that ‘There is no better example of the power of a well-executed global health initiative than the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.’ … [T]he report asserts that PEPFAR is not only the right thing to do — it’s also the smart, strategic, and secure thing. … PEPFAR is firmly focused on preventing new HIV infections, saving lives, and partnering with countries to control their epidemics and, ultimately, achieve an AIDS-free generation. And as Senators Daschle and Frist affirm, ‘Healthier populations build more prosperous societies, more competent institutions, and more stable governments.’ I couldn’t agree more” (11/9).