PEPFAR Continues To Have Positive Impact As Jamaica Works Toward Ending HIV/AIDS Epidemic

Jamaica Observer: Impressive life-saving achievements President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief celebrates 15th anniversary
Eric Khant, chargé d’affaires at the U.S. Embassy in Kingston

“…PEPFAR assistance truly has a positive impact across the Jamaican society. … For the first time in modern history we have the opportunity to control a pandemic without a vaccine or a cure while laying the groundwork for eventually eliminating or eradicating HIV. … U.S. Embassy Kingston applauds the Government of Jamaica’s leadership in adopting the ‘Treat All’ policy, the global standard for HIV/AIDS response which says that all individuals who test positive should rapidly initiate treatment. … Together we can end the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Jamaica. Let’s … ensure that all 30,000 people living with HIV on the island have access to life-saving treatment, paving the way for an HIV-free Jamaica…” (5/27).