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PBS NewsHour Profiles Guatemala’s Malnutrition Crisis

PBS NewsHour discusses malnutrition in Guatemala and the country’s efforts to address the problem.

PBS NewsHour: How Guatemala finally ‘woke up’ to its malnutrition crisis
“…Nearly 50 percent of Guatemala’s children are malnourished, which often leads to physical and mental stunting. … Until a few years ago, Guatemala’s high society in the bustling capital was ignorant of the country’s malnutrition problem. … Then a social movement … began to stir the nation’s conscience…” (Thurow, 6/25).

PBS NewsHour: In a land of plenty, a reporter’s snapshots of malnutrition
“Half the children in Guatemala are malnourished — as many as three-fourths in the rural areas. And long-term studies have shown that malnutrition at an early age can cause ‘stunting’ in physical and intellectual development. In the last few years, the government, industry, and NGOs have joined forces to raise awareness of the problem throughout the country…” (Sreenivasan, 6/25).