PBS Examines Cookstoves’ Impact On Health

PBS NewsHour discusses the impact of cookstoves on health around the globe.

PBS NewsHour: Designing cleaner stoves for home cooks in the developing world
PBS NewsHour Special Correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro reports on “efforts to provide cleaner stoves to people in developing countries” as part of his ongoing series, Agents for Change. “…These stoves and the smoke they produce are blamed for two million deaths each year from lung cancer and burns. Their fires are a major source of greenhouse gases, their fuel a major cause of deforestation. There have been many efforts so far to provide improved stoves, but with only scattered small-scale success…” (de Sam Lazaro, 2/26).

PBS NewsHour: 5 cookstoves used around the world
“…In response, advocacy groups have been working to find low-cost, efficient and safe stoves that are appealing to the local community and lucrative for manufacturers to produce…” (Epatko, 2/26).