Outbreak Of H5N1 Avian Flu In Cambodia Continues To Spread

“Cambodia’s outbreak of H5N1 avian influenza continues apace as the summer wears on, with a three-year-old boy becoming the 14th victim this year and the 35th case confirmed in the Southeast Asian nation since records began to be kept,” GlobalPost reports. “Avian influenza has been an issue in Cambodia for years, but 2013 has seen the highest number of deaths in a single year and the largest number of cases ever recorded, according to [WHO spokesperson Sonny] Krishnan,” the news service states, noting, “Although neighboring Thailand and Vietnam are subject to H5N1 as well, these two nations carefully control the cross-border movement of both eggs and live poultry, which keeps the communicable disease under better control than in poorer Cambodia.” GlobalPost notes the Cambodian Ministry of Health is working with the WHO to conduct contact tracing and other surveillance (Greenwood, 7/16).