Opinion Pieces Discuss Investing In Harm Reduction Services To Achieve Long-Term Health Goals; Funding For SDGs; Attack On Hospital In Afghanistan That Killed Mothers, Infants; How USAID v. AOSI Supreme Court Case Could Impact Mexico City Policy

Devex: Opinion: Funding for harm reduction services is key for long-term health goals
Naomi Burke-Shyne, executive director of Harm Reduction International (5/15).

IPS: Finding Money for Public Health, Green Economic Recovery & SDGs
John Garrett, Kathryn Tobin, and Chilufya Chileshe, all members of WaterAid’s policy team from its U.K., U.S., and Southern Africa offices (5/12).

Washington Post: How can Trump look past the slaughter of mothers and babies in Afghanistan?
Max Boot, columnist at the Washington Post, Jeane J. Kirkpatrick senior fellow for national security studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, and global affairs analyst for CNN (5/13).

Washington Times: USAID v. AOSI has potential to upend long-standing pro-life protections overseas
Jeanne Mancini, president of March for Life (5/11).