Opinion Piece Outlines 3 Ways To End HIV Stigma, Discrimination

IPS: Three Ways to End HIV Stigma and Discrimination
Ifeanyi Nsofor, medical doctor, CEO of EpiAFRIC, and director of Policy and Advocacy for Nigeria Health Watch

“…All forms of HIV-related stigma must stop. … These are ways to deal with it. First, government across the globe should increase investments in health education to improve people’s knowledge of HIV and its modes of transmission. It should not be taken for granted that people are aware. … Second, enforce HIV antidiscrimination laws to deter offenders from discriminating against people living with HIV. … Third, end the discrimination against key populations like men who have sex with men, sex workers, and transgender people as this discourages them from accessing care, pushes them underground, and increases their risk of transmitting HIV…” (10/7).