Opinion Piece Discusses Potential Impact Of Trump Administration’s Fetal Tissue Research Rule On Science, Scientists

Washington Post: So much for Trump’s pro-life legacy
Robert Gebelhoff, assistant editor and opinions contributor at the Washington Post

“For the better part of a century, scientists have used fetal tissue for biomedical research. They used it to develop the polio vaccine. They used it to develop treatments to help children with cystic fibrosis. And HIV/AIDS. And cancer. And sickle cell disease. In all, research using fetal tissue has saved tens of thousands of lives and improved countless others. It’s this history that makes the Trump administration’s decision to throw bureaucratic hurdles at such research so disheartening. … The most frustrating result of this debate has been the demonization of scientists. As The Post reported, many researchers are fearful of speaking publicly out of concern that anti-abortion activists would go after them. That’s a sad indictment of our current political climate, and it’s a moment for the Trump administration and the pro-life movement to realize a fundamental truth in politics: If scientists have become your enemy, you’re targeting the wrong people” (1/16).