Opinion Piece Discusses 10th Anniversary Of Haiti Earthquake, Urges Continued Assistance

Los Angeles Times: Opinion: Helping one child at a time in Haiti 10 years after the devastation
Mitch Albom, author and operator of the Have Faith Haiti orphanage

“It’s been 10 years since Haiti suffered the magnitude 7.0 quake that killed over 300,000 of its people and left more than a million displaced. The scale of the destruction left the Haitian economy, its government, and daily life indelibly changed. …. Haiti’s poor, particularly the children, are greatly reliant on the aid of those willing to give their time and presence. … And help is needed more now than at any time since the earthquake itself. … There are questions, many of them fair, about what happened to the billions of dollars in aid that were sent after the earthquake. Worse, there seems to be a weariness in helping a nation that seems perpetually to need assistance. Let’s hope the earthquake photos rerun on this anniversary will rekindle our urge to help and remind us of the life-changing magnitude of that catastrophe. We may have the luxury of forgetting. Haiti and its children do not” (1/12).