ONE Videos Examine Public’s Beliefs, Knowledge About U.S. Foreign Aid

Meagan Bond, ONE’s creative manager, writes in this ONE blog post about how she traveled the country last year to talk with people about their beliefs and knowledge of U.S. foreign aid. “My goal was to help capture, through a series of short, creative videos, the way Americans feel about giving our money to the world’s poorest people,” she writes, adding, “Their sentiment was overwhelmingly the same: we spend too much on foreign aid, and in these tough times where we are all struggling, we should be spending that money at home, not abroad.” She continues, “But then I shared the facts: foreign aid was less than one percent of our budget and had helped to accomplish some pretty amazing things, including getting eight million people on life-saving AIDS medication and helping more than one billion people through smarter agricultural programs.” Bond adds, “People were shocked at how little we actually spent, and amazed at how much had been achieved” (1/9).