On London Visit, First Lady Michelle Obama Launches U.S./U.K. Partnership To Educate Girls In DRC, Other African Nations

BBC News: Education key, Michelle Obama tells London schoolgirls
“U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama has told pupils at a girls’ school in east London that education is the ‘ultimate key’ to their success. … The visit is part of her global initiative to promote female education…” (6/16).

CNN: Michelle Obama unveils girls’ education initiative during London trip
“…[The U.S. and U.K.] are launching ‘a nearly $200 million partnership to continue their collective support for adolescent girls’ education,’ according to a news release from Obama’s office. … Special attention and portions of the funds will be devoted ‘to countries affected by conflict and crisis,’ with the Democratic Republic of the Congo set to receive $180 million over five years, benefiting ‘more than 755,000 girls aged 10 to 18,’ according to the press release…” (Wright, 6/16).

VOA News: Michelle Obama Launches $200M Effort for Girls’ Education
“…Supporters of the program say helping girls get a quality education can improve the chances to earn a decent living, raise a healthy family, and improve quality of life for families and the community…” (Ridgwell, 6/16).