ODI Research Fellow Outlines Potential Impact Of U.K. Counter-Terrorism Bill On Humanitarian Assistance Efforts

ODI: U.K. counterterrorism travel ban could criminalize humanitarian assistance
Sarah Adamczyk, research fellow at ODI, discusses the proposed U.K. Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Bill, which “criminalizes travel by British nationals to geographic areas the government designates as a no-go.” Adamczyk writes, “It was originally intended to enable prosecutions against those who travel abroad to join terrorist organizations … But the travel ban could have devastating impacts on British aid workers.” Adamcyzk further outlines four ways the bill relates to humanitarian aid: “1. It contradicts U.K. humanitarian policy … 2. It increases risks to U.K. aid workers … 3. It has unintended humanitarian consequences … 4. Other countries may follow suit” (11/30).