Obama Should Appoint Special Envoy For LGBT Rights

The Hill: Special envoy for gay rights needed
Shawn Gaylord, advocacy counsel for LGBT rights at Human Rights First

“…[In his first term,] Obama signaled that he intended to champion the concerns of LGBT people not just in the United States but also overseas. … But now in his second term, the rise of ISIS is dominating the president’s foreign policy, nudging other issues aside. Even as persecution of LGBT people intensifies in various countries, including some allied with the United States — the issue is in danger of slipping off the radar. To ensure that it remains a priority, the president should appoint a special envoy tasked with the responsibility of safeguarding the rights of LGBT people abroad. Such a move would elevate the stature of the issue within the government and convey to the world that the United States won’t allow discrimination and violence against LGBT people to go unchallenged…” (10/21).