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Obama Praises Ebola Workers, Says Treatment Upon Return To U.S. Should Not Discourage Other Volunteers

News outlets report on comments from U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday regarding monitoring health care workers returning to the U.S. from Ebola-hit West Africa.

Foreign Policy: Obama Tries Tamping Ebola Unrest Week Ahead of Election Day
“With the U.S. response to Ebola at home and abroad under attack on the campaign trail, President Barack Obama took his case that his administration is acting decisively and responsibly in addressing the epidemic to the public on Tuesday…” (Francis, 10/28).

The Hill: Obama: Ebola medics ‘doing God’s work’
“President Obama on Tuesday said policies governing the treatment of Ebola health care workers returning from West Africa should be tailored to support their efforts, an implicit rebuke of governors who have implemented mandatory quarantines…” (Sink, 10/28).

Reuters: Obama defends U.S. Ebola guidelines, backs American volunteers in Africa
“As the second of two nurses infected while treating an Ebola patient left an Atlanta hospital, President Barack Obama on Tuesday said policies adopted in the United States should not discourage Americans willing to fight West Africa’s outbreak…” (Chappell/Rampton, 10/28).

Washington Post: Obama assails Ebola quarantines, saying they are based on fear, not facts
“President Obama on Tuesday forcefully rejected the idea of a quarantine for medical­ workers returning from Ebola-affected­ countries, arguing that such an approach would undermine the broader effort to eliminate the epidemic…” (Eilperin et al., 10/28).