Obama Commends Recovered N.Y. Ebola Doctor; U.S. Nurses Plan Strike To Protest Insufficient Ebola Preparedness

News outlets report on several Ebola-related stories in the U.S.

Associated Press: Obama calls Ebola doctor, commends him for service
“President Barack Obama is commending a physician who recovered from Ebola for his selflessness in going to West Africa to fight the virus…” (11/11).

New York Times: Plenty of Hugs as Craig Spencer, Recovered New York Ebola Patient, Goes Home
“…As Dr. Craig Spencer, New York City’s first Ebola patient, demonstrated over and over and over again on Tuesday, hugging is the new doctor’s note, the proof that the patient is well, that the public should not be afraid and that in the United States, the disease is not the terror-inducing epidemic it is in West Africa…” (Hartocollis/Santora, 11/11).

The Atlantic: The Quiet End to the U.S. Ebola Panic
“…The news out of New York brings the grand total of Ebola cases currently in the U.S. back down to zero. For now, the borderline hysteria that began with the arrival, diagnosis, and subsequent death, of Thomas Eric Duncan in Dallas is resembling so many other crises of the moment, in with a bang and out with a whimper…” (Berman, 11/11).

The Hill: White House: N.Y. Ebola case won’t be last
“The doctor discharged Tuesday from a New York City hospital after recovering from Ebola won’t be the last U.S. case of the deadly virus, the White House warned Tuesday…” (Sink, 11/11).

New York Times: With Persistence and Phone Calls, Defending Against Ebola
“…New York City’s defense against the Ebola epidemic — and at least the hypothetical threat that it will percolate through the city’s mass transit system, schools, and dense neighborhoods — is this 24-hour-a-day [telephone tracking] operation now keeping track of almost 300 people, believed to be the largest monitoring effort in the country…” (Hartocollis, 11/11).

Reuters: California nurses strike ahead of larger protest over Ebola measures
“Nearly 20,000 nurses went on strike in California on Tuesday over patient care issues that include what their union views as insufficient protection for nurses who may care for patients stricken with the deadly Ebola virus, in a prelude to broader national protests expected on Wednesday…” (Dobuzinskis, 11/11).

Reuters: U.S. nurses to protest, strike over Ebola measures
“Nurses across the United States will stage protest rallies and strikes on Wednesday over what they say is insufficient protection for health workers dealing with patients possibly stricken with the deadly Ebola virus…” (Skinner, 11/12).