DRC Authorities Arrest Suspects In Murder Of Ebola Doctor As Health Workers Threaten Strike Over Safety Concerns

Agence France-Presse: DR Congo arrests 11 over murder of doctor fighting Ebola
“Authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo said they arrested 11 suspects Thursday in the [April 19] murder … of a doctor with the World Health Organization (WHO) who was fighting an Ebola outbreak in the country…” (4/25).

CIDRAP News: DRC’s 23 Ebola cases today top daily record
“The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) [Friday] said Ebola infections have been confirmed in 23 more people, a record number for one day, coming on the heels of worsening conditions in hard hit areas of North Kivu and Ituri provinces. The surge of cases, which often happens after attacks on the Ebola response, puts the new outbreak total within striking distance of 1,400 cases, and [Friday] the fatality count reached 900…” (Schnirring, 4/26).

NPR: Why Health Workers In The Ebola Hot Zone Are Threatening To Strike
“The doctors and nurses who work in the heart of the Ebola outbreak zone in Democratic Republic of the Congo say they’ve had enough. For weeks they’ve been subjected to threats of violence and even actual assaults. On Wednesday they gave the government an ultimatum: Improve security within one week or we’ll go on strike…” (Aizenman, 4/25).

Additional coverage of the DRC Ebola outbreak and response is available from Associated Press, Axios, The BMJ, CIDRAP News, The Economist, and Reuters.