Obama Administration Should Make TB Top Priority

New York Times: Why Tuberculosis Is Back
Joanne Carter, executive director of RESULTS

“…[T]he biggest problem we face with tuberculosis is not scientific. It’s political. TB has climbed up the list of major killers worldwide, but it’s stuck at the bottom of the list of political priorities. We need look no further than the Obama administration, which can and must do much more on TB. The president’s budget request has proposed slashing international funding for TB in each of the last four years … Earlier this year, it looked as though the administration might be getting on the right track in its TB response … by committing to developing a new action plan on drug-resistant TB. … According to promises, the interagency plan should have gone to the president by September. That deadline has come and gone … As White House officials weigh next year’s budget request this fall, and decide what to do with the delayed drug-resistant TB plan, the Obama administration must grasp the chance to make the fight against this killer disease a top priority” (11/10).