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Nutrition For Growth Event Can Impact Long-Term Development

“One hundred and sixty-five million children fac[e] a life of lost potential and pain” because of malnutrition and subsequent stunting, David Bull, executive director of UNICEF U.K., writes in the Huffington Post U.K.’s “Impact” blog. “However, we know that with the will of governments and expertise of organizations like ourselves, we have the power to change this statistic and improve the lives of millions of children. By addressing chronic malnutrition, we can break the poverty cycle and ensure effective global development,” he continues. “In just over one week, on June 8, the U.K. government will host the Nutrition for Growth Event ahead of the G8, presenting the opportunity to establish long-term change for children, their communities and nations across the world,” Bull notes, adding that the meeting “is an opportunity to bring the public sector and private sector together to ensure that the multifaceted approach, required to end child malnutrition, is delivered.” He concludes, “I hope all those attending the Nutrition for Growth Event see the power they have to impact long-term global development and make the financial commitment necessary” (6/1).