U.S. Congress Should Increase Funding For Global Nutrition Efforts, Opinion Piece Says

Clarion Ledger: Funding for global nutrition needs to be raised
Rita Way, founder & CEO of Wray Enterprises, Inc.

“…Whether near or far, nutrition provides the proper foundation for physical and cognitive growth for children. That first 1,000 days in a child’s life, from conception to age two, is a critical period to intervene with the mother and the baby, to provide the right vitamins, micro-nutrients, and proteins which will combat lifelong chronic disease and stunting for the child. … Nutrition is the cornerstone of global health and development for families, communities, and nations. Good nutrition increases economic empowerment and growth for all, equalizing opportunities for those living in poverty. … Despite the clear return on investment, nutrition has been historically underfunded … This is why I am urging our Senators [from Mississippi] to increase, if feasible, the funding for global nutrition in the Global Health account. … We know how to address undernutrition and malnutrition; we just need the will to do so. Through the investment of the private sector, our faith communities, and our government working together, we can end hunger worldwide” (7/31).