Advocacy For Specific, Proven Nutrition Interventions Can Re-Energize Global Investments, Political Will, Opinion Piece Says

Devex: Opinion: Elevating nutrition in a noisy room
Emma Feutl Kent, manager of global policy and advocacy at 1,000 Days

“…For me the answer to why governments should invest in nutrition instead of other sectors is simple. Not only are nutrition-specific interventions some of the most cost-effective development investments — with every $1 invested in nutrition yielding up to $35 in economic returns — but the nutrition sector also has a suite of ready-to-scale interventions that have proven effective in challenging, real-world settings. … In many communities, these specific, proven interventions could be rolled out at scale tomorrow and would make a measurable and immediate difference in the global malnutrition burden. But this scaling requires resources and political will that are currently lacking. … As we move into 2020 — and critical advocacy moments such as the fourth Nutrition for Growth Summit — a consistent, focused advocacy narrative structured around the specific interventions that we know work is our best hope for re-energizing global investments in nutrition…” (12/18).