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Number Of Ebola Cases Approaches 10,000, Deaths 5,000, WHO Reports

News outlets report on the latest number of Ebola cases (9,936) and deaths (4,877) reported by the WHO.

Agence France-Presse: Number of Ebola cases nears 10,000
“The number of people with Ebola is set to hit 10,000 in West Africa, the World Health Organization said, as the scramble to find a cure gathered pace. The U.N.’s public health body said 9,936 people in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone — the three countries at the epicenter of the world’s worst-ever Ebola epidemic — have contracted the disease. In total, 4,877 people have so far died…” (10/22).

Associated Press: WHO: Ebola responsible for 4,877 deaths
“Ebola is now believed to have killed 4,877 people globally and the spread of the lethal virus remains ‘persistent and widespread’ in West Africa, the World Health Organization said Wednesday…” (10/22).

Reuters: Official WHO Ebola toll near 5,000 with true number nearer 15,000
“At least 4,877 people have died in the world’s worst recorded outbreak of Ebola, and at least 9,936 cases of the disease had been recorded as of Oct. 19, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday, but the true toll may be three times as much…” (Miles, 10/22).