Novel Coronavirus Officially Named Covid-19, WHO DG Urges Countries To Be Aggressive In Containing Outbreak

BBC: Coronavirus disease named Covid-19
“The World Health Organization says the official name for the disease caused by the new coronavirus is Covid-19. … It comes after the death toll from the virus passed 1,000. Tens of thousands of people have been infected. Dr. Ghebreyesus called on the world to fight the new virus as aggressively as possible. The word coronavirus refers to the group of viruses it belongs to, rather than the latest strain…” (2/11)

Reuters: World must consider coronavirus ‘public enemy number one’: WHO
“The World Health Organization asked countries to be ‘as aggressive as possible’ in fighting the newly named COVID-19 coronavirus on Tuesday. ‘If the world doesn’t want to wake up and consider the virus as public enemy number one, I don’t think we will learn from our lessons,’ WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in Geneva…” (Nebehey, 2/11).

Additional coverage of the naming of the novel coronavirus is available from Scientific American, Science Speaks, STAT, and WIRED.