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Non-Profit Organization Working With Myanmar Government To Draft Law Preventing Violence Against Women, Criminalizing Marital Rape

The Guardian: ‘My father punched me and tore at my clothes’: confronting rape in Myanmar
“…In 2014, the Gender Equality Network, an umbrella organization for more than 100 Burmese NGOs and civil society groups including Legal Clinic Myanmar, found that almost half of women surveyed had experienced either non-partner rape, sexual assault, or sexual harassment. Many more had experienced marital rape, which is not against the law in Myanmar. … Gender Equality Network has been working with the social welfare ministry to draft a new law aimed at preventing violence against women and criminalizing marital rape. The bill, which will also seek to set a standard minimum sentence for rapists, is now being debated by MPs. Supporters expect the bill to pass, but fear it may be watered down during discussions…” (Carroll, 9/26).