No Government Should Interfere With Women’s Reproductive Rights; U.S. Should Continue To Invest In Family Planning, Reproductive Health Programs

TIME: The End of China’s One-Child Policy Isn’t Enough
Latanya Mapp Frett, executive director of Planned Parenthood Global

“…Until China promotes a fully rights-based, voluntary family planning program, it is supporting the continued oppression of Chinese families through coercive reproductive policies. No government and no politician should interfere with the deeply personal decisions women make about whether or when to have children — period. … Coercion, violence, forced abortion, sterilization, and other violations of basic human rights in limiting births can wreak havoc and harm on communities. The U.S. must remain a strong supporter and leader within the global community in order to best promote women’s rights and the freedom of every woman to make personal decisions about her health and her future. We must continue to invest in the international family planning and reproductive health programs, including a contribution to UNFPA, that we know advance women’s rights over their own bodies…” (11/9).