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Nigeria’s Cholera Outbreak Exacerbated By Insecurity

Media sources report on a cholera outbreak in Nigeria, where insecurity and conflict have exacerbated the disease’s spread.

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Nigeria violence pushes refugees and cholera across borders
“West Africa is struggling to control a cholera outbreak that has spread from Nigeria to nearby countries, exacerbated by insecurity and waves of refugees fleeing an Islamist insurgency in the country’s north, aid agencies said…” (Hussain, 10/31).

Médecins Sans Frontières: Nigeria: Outbreak of cholera in Borno State
“An epidemic of cholera broke out in Borno State in the northeast of Nigeria at the end of September. Already operating in this remote state that is difficult to get to and where the provision of health care is extremely limited, MSF is now responding to this latest epidemic. There have been 4,500 cases and 70 deaths from cholera in barely a month in Borno State’s capital and principal town Maiduguri and the number of cases continues to rise…” (11/3).